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Thailand Visa

Thailand Visa There are a number of visa options when looking at obtaining a Thailand Visa. This however depends on what your intention is with regards to Thailand. If you are wanting to retire, work, come to have fun or having married a Thai national you wish to live in Thailand. We have listed all the Thai visas for you.

Thai Marriage Visa

Having registered your marrige in Thailand you would need to obtain an “O” Visa or Marriage Visa from the Thai Embassy . This can be done by an attorney for you, that is helping you to not only register your marriage but also to help you apply for the Thai Marriage Visa. This visa is usually good for 90 days on entering Thailand however that is the easier part. Extending your Marriage Visa for a full year will require that you can show the financial requirements needed for your visa extension. Most expats simply use a law firm to do all the leg work for them.

Thai Business Visa

If you are planing on working in Thailand or starting your own company you need to apply for a “B” Visa or Thai Business Visa at the Thai Embassy. These much like the “O” Visa is valid for 90 days once entering the country. It would be easier if you contacted a law firm in Thailand that could not only help you apply and obtain the “B” Visa but also apply for your work permit and register your company. Work permits over the past year have become very complex with the global financial crisis. Speak to a reputable law firm to assist you with your company registration, work permit and Thai Business Visa.

Thai Tourist Visa

There has been much talk about this “T” Visa or Tourist Visa as the Thai government has waived the fee on the visa itself over the past 2 months. The tourist visa is not for seeking employment and you will not be able to apply for a work permit while in Thailand on a tourist visa. Tourist visas are for 60 days however they can be extended for an additional 30 days at immigration for a fee of 1,900 Baht.

40 thoughts on “Thailand Visa

  1. Judith

    My husband & I are planning a holiday in Kamala for longer that 30 days which visa form do I need?

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      It would help us to provide you more information if we know what passport you and your husband currently hold. We would suggest that you contact the Thai embassy or consulate nearest you to inquire about the visa form and requirements needed for your trip.

  2. Maryanne Dumont

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am an Australian from South Australia, traveling to Phuket in July for 10 days stay. I have sent a message earlier on but I realised I did not state my nationality.

    Please advice if I should need a visa for entry to Thailand.

    Thanks kindly

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      You definitely do not need a visa. You can stay as a tourist for a maximum of 30 days based on your Australian passport.

  3. Regina Berk

    My son is holding a German Passport. He wants to travel to Thailand and stay longer ten 3 month. He will enter Thailand from Australia. How and for which Visa does he have to apply? Do you issue Tourist Visa for 6 month?
    Thank you.

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      Kindly contact the Thai embassy or consulate near his location to inquire about the best visa option based on the purpose and duration of his travel to Thailand.

  4. issam makhlouf

    I am looking for information about Visas to visit Thailand for a week I live in the USA near Los Angeles carrying American passport.
    My fiancé is carrying a Syrian passport and lives in Syria we like to meet in Thailand for a week of vacation how we can obtain a Visa.
    Do we need Visas?


    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      US passport holders are eligible for entry into Thailand without a visa for a maximum of 30 days. For Syrian passport holders, they are required to apply for a visa before traveling to Thailand. Please get in touch with the Thai Embassy in Jordan for assistance with the visa application of your fiance.

      Royal Thai Embassy, Amman, Jordan
      ​Address: ​No. 147 Zahran St.,​ ​Jabal Amman, P.O. Box 144329,​ ​Amman 11814 Jordan.

      Tel: (+962)6 5903888
      E-mail: [email protected]

  5. Danee

    Hi, there. I am a Chinese passport holder, but I have permanent resident visa of New Zealand. I just wonder what should I do for applying Thailand visitor visa. Thank You.

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      Depending on the duration that you wish to stay in Thailand, you can either apply for a visa on arrival (15-day stay) or a tourist visa (60-day stay). Kindly get in touch with the Thai embassy or consulate near your location to inquire about the visa applicable to your travel.

      ​​Royal Thai Embassy, Wellington
      Tel: (64 4) 496-2900
      VOIP: 510200,510202,510202,510203
      Email:​ ​[email protected]

      Royal Thai Consulate, Auckland
      Phone: 09 373 3166
      Email: [email protected]

  6. Danee

    Hi there, I’m holding a Chinese passport which also have PR of New Zealand. How long it would take to apply for a visa on arrival (15-day stay)? What material/information I need to prove/bring? And how many month/s for me have to go Thailand once I got that visa?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      The time frame to apply for a visa on arrival will depend on the number of applicants at the time of your arrival at the airport. It may take a minimum of 1 hour.

      General requirements are your passport with at least 6 months validity, a 4x6cm passport photo taken within the last 6 months, proof of flight out of Thailand, proof of accommodation, proof of adequate finances at least 10,000THB per person.

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