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Income Tax in Thailand

Thailand Income Tax

Income Tax in Thailand

No matter what kind of work you decide to do in your retirement, remember that you may be required to declare your foreign-earned income in your home country and pay tax on it.  If you are working in Thailand, you are required to pay income tax. You may also be required to declare your Thai income in your home country. The following is the tax rate in

Net Taxable Income (In Baht) Tax Rate
1 to 200,000 5%
200,001 to 500,000 10%
500,001 to 1,000,000 20%
1,000,001 to 4,000,000 30%
4,000,000 and above 33%


For further assistance with work permits and Thai income tax in Thailand. Contact a reputable attorney in Thailand who will be able to assist you with a tax assessment and applying for a work permit in Thailand.  Most people who work in Thailand have their income tax deducted from their salaries. This could provide a problem later if they had not paid your income tax and you need to apply for a work permit again with a new employer. Always be certain that your tax is being paid.


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