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Thai Consulate – Los Angeles

Thai Consulate in Los Angeles

The Thai Consulate is Los Angeles is open everyday Mondays to Fridays from 9 in the morning until noon. These are mainly for walk in visa applications. All Thai Visa applications have to be submitted before 11H30 for consideration. The Thai Consulate in Los Angeles is closed on all Thai and American holidays so if you are planning on applying for a visa, be certain that there are no holidays applicable.

Be certain to arrive early and note the Thai public holidays and American holidays applicable. Alternatively apply for a Thai Visa online with Law Firm by visiting the main website as advertised.

The Thai consulate is located at:

The Royal Thai Consulate Los Angeles, California
611 North Larchmont Boulevard
2nd Floor, Los Angeles
California 90004
City: Los Angeles
Phone: (323) 962-9574 – 77
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: Monday through Friday Thai Visa Walk-In Services – 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. All other Thai Consular Services – 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM



32 thoughts on “Thai Consulate – Los Angeles

  1. Armando Colmenares

    hello I am a US citizen and plant o travel to Thailand then to Cambodia do I need a multi exit and entrance visa? we are traveling March 22 -April 9 please advise me and return back to Thailand for a few days and return to us from Thailand?

  2. Myron Caldwell

    Dear Representative;

    I wish to leave San Francisco for Bangkok l4 September and return November 15. I have traveled to Bangkok many times on 30 day tourist stamp issued upon arrival. I stay in Hua Hin. I then go to Hua Hin Immigration and get and 30 day extension for 1950 THB. Cathay Pacific has repeatedly asks for visa to cover ENTIRE STAY prior to departure but does allow me to board after I explain rule to them. Currently, Thailand immigration makes it clear I can enter on a 30 day stamp and extend visa by going to Hiua Hin Immigration for flying to Cambodia returning by air foranother 30 day stamp. Can you please email me verification I need not have a 60 days visa prior to my flight and– can you issue me a sixty day visa prior to departure? Sawade Khup

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      ​While you are allowed to enter on visa exemption, you must show that you will leave Thailand within the 30-day entry stamp otherwise, immigration may not allow you entry. Based on your above situation, since your return is dated November 15, it is expected that you will be required to apply for a visa to cover the entire duration of your trip. Please bear in mind that Thai immigration has been stricter about overstaying which could be the reason why the airlines is requiring you to apply for a visa.

      You may get in touch with the Thai embassy or consulate near your place of residence to apply for the appropriate visa.


    Dear Sirs, I plan to visit Thailand from December 6, 2016 to February 6, 2017. Most of my stay will be in Chiang Mai as I had visited there in June and July this year (2016) and fell in love with it. I plan to do no business and will be a very happy tourist for my visit. Please advise me what I need to bring to the Consulate to obtain my visa. Sincerely, Hugh A Mullen

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      Kindly contact the Thai consulate to inquire about their requirements for the tourist visa as it differs from one office to another.

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      Yes, you definitely need a visa to enter Thailand. Please directly contact the Thai embassy or consulate nearest you and apply for a tourist visa. Have a good day.

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