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Thai Consulate – Hull

Thai Consulate - Hull Mr. Alan Taylor is the Honorary Consul at the Thai Consulate in Hull. The Royal Thai Consulate in Hull was opened since 1922 and was the first consulate for Thailand (former Law Firm) established in the United Kingdom. The Hull consulate is well known in Hull and easy to find. The first Consul was Sir James Bell, a ship-owner who traded with Thailand. The present Consul, Mr. Alan Taylor, was appointed in 1980. If you’re personally visiting the Thai consulate office and you’re traveling by car, you can park your car on the bay area marked “RTC”. If however you are traveling by train, we advise you to take the stop at Hull Paragon Interchange and then take a taxi.


The Thai Consulate in Hull is located at :

Thai Consulate - Hull

Royal Thai Consulate
Priory Court Saxon Way
Priory Park West Hessle

By Telephone:
Tel: +44 (0) 1482 581668
Fax: +44 (0) 1482 628877

By Email:
Email: [email protected]

8 thoughts on “Thai Consulate – Hull

  1. george bruce wheelan

    Is it possible for us to go to your Hull Embassy in person to obtain visas?

    Will it take long to process them or will we have to call back another day to collect them?

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      Kindly get in touch with the Thai embassy or consulate near your residence to inquire about the documents they require for the visa application.

  2. Mr Andrew Neill

    Please could you confirm, Do I need to make an appointment with you to collect a 60-day visa for Thailand? And will it be the same as last year on the day turn around?

    Many thanks.

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      Please contact the Thai Embassy or Consulate where you prefer to lodge your visa application regarding your concern.

  3. derek weatherill

    Sent you an enquire regarding visa for to stay for 8 months from August 2016 to April 2017. I am married to Thai lady on February this year. Also, I am retired 66 years old in June this year. Awaiting your reply.

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      Your option is to apply for a Thai marriage visa. This visa visa starts with application of a 90-day non immigrant O visa issued by the Thai embassy in the UK. After that, you will travel to Thailand and convert it to marriage visa. Alternatively, you can also apply for a non-immigrant O visa valid for 1 year with multiple entries.

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