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The Royal Thai Consulate in New Zealand is there for all Kiwi’s who wish to visit Thailand. You can apply for a Thai Visa at the Consulate in Auckland. This can be a Thai Tourist Visa, Business Visa or if you are married to a Thai national you can apply for a 3 month Thai Marriage Visa. Most New Zealander’s in Thailand normally apply for their Retirement Visa at this consulate. Ensure that you have all the paperwork for the OA visa.The Consulate is not to far off from Queens street in Auckland and if you want to visit the Consulate in person the telephone numbers and street address is listed below.  Note the office hours for the Thai Consulate in Auckland if you planning on obtaining a Thai passport for your wife or to register your child as a Thai citizen.

Thai Consulate in Auckland

Royal Thai Consulate-General, Auckland
Level 5 Lowndes House, 18 Shortland Street, Auckland 1010 PO Box 7311, Auckland 1141

City: Auckland
Phone: (09) 373 3166
Fax: (09) 373 3423
Email: [email protected] | [email protected]
Office Hours: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM, Mon-Fri


85 thoughts on “Thai Consulate in Auckland

  1. Kevin Nutbrown

    Sawadee Krup!

    Due to the earth quake, the Wellington embassy still processing our visa requirements. Also, what is the 3yr Visa Non (Family) cost online? It says 10,000 Baht – $420 NZD. Is this correct? I need to get my red card to become Thai national citizen to be able to work and live on our land instead of retirement visa as we are married over 14 years.

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      There is currently no three-year visa based on being married to a Thai national. The three-year Non Immigrant visa worth 10,000THB is only for ​business purposes.

      If you already have a retirement visa, you may get in touch with the immigration office in your province to inquire about changing this to a marriage visa during the renewal period. Otherwise, you will need to apply for the initial 90-day Non Immigrant O visa at the Thai embassy in Wellington before applying for the 1-year marriage visa extension in Thailand.

  2. Phoebe

    We applied for a tourist visa about a week and a half ago from Wellington. They sent everything back with a letter saying they couldn’t process it at this time. We fly to Phuket on the 30th of November and return on the 11th of January. We intend to go to Cambodia at some point in our travels. At this stage though we are in a lot of trouble as it doesn’t look like we can get a visa in time. What would you recommend? If we were to bring an application in on the 26th of November when we arrive in auckland, could it be processed by the 30th of November?

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      Kindly get in touch with the Thai Consulate in Auckland to inquire about their timelines in processing visa applications.​

      If you will not have enough time to obtain a tourist visa, depending on the passport you hold, you may enter Thailand on visa exemption for up to 30 days. Once you arrive, you can apply for an extension on the entry stamp for up to 30 days. You may refer to the link below for information about countries that are eligible under the Visa Exemption Rule.

  3. NG

    I intend to stay in Thailand for holiday for 6-8 weeks.
    If I want to apply Non Immigrant Visa, how long will it take? And what paper work I need? Also what will be charges?

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      Kindly get in touch with the Thai embassy or consulate in your location to inquire about obtaining a visa. Please note that for the purpose of a holiday, you will need a tourist visa.

  4. Divya

    I am Indian citizen and I want to apply for tourist visa for Thailand as I am travelling for holiday purpose. I am flying on 24th of December. Is it too late to apply for visa now. What documents do I need to submit for visa application? Can you also send me the link for tourist visa form? Can please help me with the requirements and the process for the tourist visa? Thank you

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      For the visa application in India, please contact directly the Thai embassy in Delhi. For the visa on arrival, you may obtain it at Bangkok airport and the fee is 1,000 baht for 15 days permit to stay.

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