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Thai Consulate in Australia

The Thai Consulate in Melbourne Australia is managed by Simon Wallace who is the Honorary Consul General for the Thai Consulate in Melbourne. Note that the consulate only accepts cash ($AU), Money Order or Bank Cheques drawn on an Australian Bank. Please also note that if you are going to mail in an application that the payments must be made payable to the  “Royal Thai Consulate General – Melbourne”. Their details are listed below:

Thai Consulate in Melbourne, Australia

Consulate General of Thailand in Melbourne, Australia Suite 301, 566 St Kilda Road Melbourne Victoria 3004 Australia
City: Melbourne
Phone: (+61) 3 9533 9100
Fax: (+61) 3 9533 9200
Office Hours: 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM (Thursday closed)


30 thoughts on “Thai Consulate in Melbourne

  1. Gerolamo Furfaro

    I want to bring my girlfriend from Thailand to Melbourne how can I bring her to here can you help me bring my girlfriend here to Melbourne

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      Your girlfriend would need to apply for a visa to go to Australia. We would love to be able to talk to you and give you advise on this matter. To contact us, you may either send us an email at [email protected] or call our Bangkok Office at +66 2 259 8100.

  2. Richard Adams

    My wife is Thai she has Australian Citizenship and wants to renew her Thai citizenship can you advise me the best way to go about this.
    Kind Regards
    Richard Adams

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      Hi Richard,

      When a Thai acquires another citizenship, she doesn’t lose her Thai nationality. She may still apply for a Thai passport at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in the country where she lives or stays.

  3. Gregory

    I am seeking employment in Thailand and I am an Australian citizen. I would like to know what documentation is required to obtain a non resident visa.

    I have experience in a particular field however I have not completed my degree yet. I already have a company that is willing to employ me with my experience.

  4. Ron Thomas Moait

    I would like to travel to Thailand for my Sons Wedding in June 2016 with my Partner and about 8 friends. We have applied for and received our Passports. My only worry and my sons worry is, I was in jail for 90 days for drugs in 1993. I have a clean sheet since then. Would I be able to make an appointment for an interview, or would that not be necessary? Or is it pointless even to attempt anything. I would hate to arrive in Thailand with my partner and family only to be told at the border “sorry no entry you will have to go home!!”

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      As long as you don’t have any record of criminal offense in Thailand or you have not been recently deported due to any law transgression in Thailand, and you are a bona fide tourist, then you should be allowed to enter the country without any problem. Depending on your nationality, you may be able to travel to Thailand visa free for up to 30 days and therefore you will not be required to go to the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your area to apply for a visa.

  5. Annabell

    I am wanting to bring my Thai fiancé over to Melbourne, but we haven’t the greatest amount of funds, but we aren’t near poor either. We are thinking of a Tourist visa to start with, but I am currently in Aus and he is back in Phuket. His English isn’t the greatest and I’m worried about him going to Bangkok to submit an application by himself.
    Can I apply for him from here? How long will it take to be approved?

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      We advise your fiance to apply for the visa here in Thailand. If you wish to talk to us further about the application process, we ask that you leave your contact details and our Australian Visa Specialist will get in touch with you the soonest possible time.

  6. Surin Lappanya

    My Thai passport runs in January next year what is the easiest way of renewing my passport. I live with my Australian husband on the mornington Peninsula.

    Kind regards

    Surin Lappanya

    1. Thai Visa Consultant Post author

      You may apply for passport renewal at the Thai Embassy or Consulate nearest your location. We advise that you contact them for information on the requirements and renewal process.

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